Wes Adams Anne Arundel County State's Attorney

Adams Portrait WebThe State's Attorney's Office is committed to justice by employing the highest ethical standards in vigorously prosecuting the guilty, protecting the innocent, and representing the interests of the State of Maryland in court. We are the chief law enforcement office and work with the police, county and state agencies and community groups to address criminal activity at all levels. We prosecute crime not only in the courtroom, but also referring minor incidents for diversion, substance abuse treatment and neighborhood mediation. We advocate for the rights of victims and witnesses and provide educational and informative programs to help prevent our citizens from becoming victims of crime.



Courtesy of Circuit Court



Thank you @ShadySideAACPS for letting State's Attorney Wes Adams speak you your students about staying #CyberSafe https://t.co/NqT80rgIbX
We're with the @ASHSCavaliers talking about staying #CyberSafe https://t.co/4PEGBCYM33
Stop by Anne Arundel Medical Center at 7PM on November 2nd to join us as we promote prevention through awareness! https://t.co/S3ZnNRes7W


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