About Our Office

The Office of the State's Attorney serves Anne Arundel County as its chief law enforcement agency, prosecuting all criminal cases ranging from traffic offenses to murder.

The State's Attorney heads a team of two deputies, 47 prosecutors, as well as victim advocates, case managers, investigators and other administrative staff who are committed to seeking justice for victims of crime.

The Office is organized into three sites to prosecute various criminal and traffic offenses.

Circuit Court

Our main office is housed in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court located on Church Circle in Annapolis. It consists of trial teams that specialize in:

  • Sex Offense and Child Abuse

  • Violent Crimes (including assaults, robberies, etc.)

  • Controlled Dangerous Substances (drug cases)

  • Property Crimes (burglaries, theft)

  • Economic Crimes

  • Conviction Integrity Unit

Cases heard in Circuit Court are typically felonies or serious misdemeanors that carry the possibility of substantial jail time.

This office also includes:

  • Victim-Witness Services

  • Investigative Unit

  • Communications Office

District Court

The District Court level is separated between offices in Annapolis and Glen Burnie. These courts typically handle offenses such as domestic violence, misdemeanor assaults, thefts, drug possession and traffic offenses. Both offices are staffed with prosecutors and victim-witness specialist.