What kinds of cases do you prosecute?

The State's Attorney's Office is charged with prosecuting all criminal offenses that occur within Anne Arundel County, from serious traffic offenses to murder. The Office also handles economic crimes such as theft schemes, scams and identity theft.

How can I charge someone with committing a crime against me?

If a crime has been committed against you, call the police to make a report. You can also go to the District Court Commissioner and file charges against the person you say committed the crime. The State's Attorney's Office has a special division to review these matters.

If I am the victim of a crime, do I have control whether my case is prosecuted?

No. Any time a crime is committed in Maryland, it is the State's case against the offender. While we value your opinion and input, public safety is our chief concern.

What is restitution?

Restitution is money that may be paid to you by a defendant if you are the victim of a crime.

When will I receive restitution?

If restitution is ordered to you, the court will establish a payment schedule at the conclusion of sentencing.

Can I request pain and suffering?

No. Pain and suffering cannot be ordered through a criminal or juvenile case. However, it is something you could discuss with a private attorney.

If I am the victim of a crime, do I need to hire an attorney?

Because it is the State's case against the defendant, your interest will be represented by the State. If you have questions regarding civil lawsuits or pain and suffering, you may wish to hire private counsel.

What if I can't show up for court even after having received a subpoena?

A subpoena means you MUST come to court on the assigned date. If you are unable to do so, the Assistant State's Attorney handling the case or a Victim-Witness Specialist MUST personally excuse you. Simply not showing up for your court date may result in a bench warrant or body attachment being issued for you.

Can a minor be subpoenaed to court without the parent's permission?

Yes. Anyone who is a victim or witness to a crime can be subpoenaed without the consent or permission of a guardian.

What is an adjudication hearing?

An adjudication hearing is the equivalent of a trial in the adult court system. The terminology is different between the adult and juvenile court systems. Please contact your advocate if you have any questions.

How can I find out if court is closed due to inclement weather?

Please visit the Circuit Court website at www.circuitcourt.org and click on the Inclement Weather tab at the top of the page for closing information.