Annapolis, MD -- Anne Arundel County State's Attorney Wes Adams announced today that after evaluating the sufficiency of the underlying evidence regarding the noose found at Crofton Middle School, the Office of the State's Attorney charged Conner Charles Prout, 19, and John Adam Haverman, 19, with the following:

Race/Religious Belief - Harass/Commit a Crime Upon (CR.10.304(1))
Con-Race/Religious Belief - Harass/Commit a Crime Upon (CL)
Trespass-Posted Property (CR.6.402)
School: Trespass on Ground (ED.26.102)
School: Disturb Operation (ED.26.101)
Con-School: Disturb Operation (CL)
Disorderly Conduct (CR.10.201.(c)(2))
Con-Disorderly Conduct (CL)